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American Samoa
Domo! I’m Savanah, but pleeease call me anything else but that name (Savi, savix, little shit, etc.)
There is really not alot i can say about myself, but i can try.

I am demisexual.

I am currently a single triangle.

I really love drawing/writing (even though i’m not that good at it yet)

I looooove anime (i can go on for years about this don’t get me started)

I’m a giant dork when it comes to certain things.

I’m a fragile flower please handle with care

I like creepy things,,,

I have a bunch of ocs that i don’t use because i’m too shy to ask to rp [sobbing]

I’m also not the sharpest tool in the toolshed.

Officially the lamest person you’ll ever encounter.

I use a tablet

Uhmm...that’s about it! Thank you for reading!

Wanted to always tell me something?:

this is where im getting these from these arent my headcanons but i want to elaborate on them

He probably tries to like stand off to the side like this is ridiculous why couldn’t we play a real sport like basketball or something and he’s just not into the whole thing but amazingly he is one of the last people standing because his ahoge let’s out a forcefield that protects him from being hit it’s very supernatural
"pls dont do this i am a very fragile person"
[ball bounces off shield]

He tries to play fair at first and laughs the first couple of times people strike him out but then it comes to a point where he loses it and decides he’s not gonna play nice anymore and once he catches the ball he’s just like it’s over and even though he’s not the strongest he manages to like knock someone out and everyone kind of scoots away like yo 
1st time getting out: ahaha of course trash like me would get out
2nd: man im just not good at this oh well
3rd: [mumbles] i think they're just aiming at me specifically...
4th: okay. im okay. don't worry about i-[SLAPPED IN THE FACE WITH BALL]
5th: T I M E T O M U R D E R


"im sorry i guess i went a little hard on souda..."

Gets bored instantly of the whole game and gets Mikan to tap her on the shoulder with the ball so she can sit out and play on her DS


Says the game is “for children” and just grumpily rolls his eyes until he gets hit and like rage quits on everyone and turns into this machine and like throws so many balls it’s hard to keep count and Peko has to forcibly restrain him 
"****** TAKE THIS YOU **** *** **** **** THAT **** YOUR OWN **** TO *** *** YOU JACK WAGGON!!"

He shouts out that Sonia doesn’t have to worry, he’ll protect her and everything- but midsentence he gets hit and is called out of the game and sulks on the bleachers for like an hour

[loud sobbing while komaeda apologizes profoundly]

At first he opts to not participate at all, but then a ball comes rolling over to him and he throws it back but ends up doing like a sick back throw and gets like half the other team out and everyones like what and Gundam’s like it’s the dark forces within me let’s tear this shit up

"Come on gundam!!"


  • Listening to: time to panic
  • Reading: time to panic
  • Watching: time to panic
  • Playing: time to panic
  • Eating: time to panic
  • Drinking: time to panic

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